Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

Am I Supposed To Say This...?

Katie Brown

Sharing the views of a 30 something who is forever asking, am I supposed to say this? You can expect topics like mental health and self-care, my hate of toxic diet advice, plus how I'm handling everyday life currently. Which, as a spoiler, I'll share that I'm not really sure what I'm doing half of the time, but I'm doing a darn good job at pretending.

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  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    My Running Journey...


    From the time I started in the dog race, to nearly crapping my pants on a Half Marathon, to a slight misunderstanding with a Nike+ tracker when I got just a little bit cocky with my 5km time. I'm talking about my running journey, it's not been exactly quick, it's certainly not podium-worthy but here I am, plod - plod - plodding along. 
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    Let's Catch Up - Body Shaming, I'm Using a Nutritionist, Natacha Oceane and Stretch Marks.


    Hi, I know this is overdue and it's something a little bit different this week - I have a whole bundle of things to talk about, from Body-Shaming, the fact I'm seeking help from a Nutritionist, Male Mental Health, Returning to the Gym and whatever else springs to mind... Feels good to get it all off my chest! If you want to check out my recipe e-book (I hope you do!) you can do that here Stay safe all xo
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

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  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    Is it wrong to give up? and other things you should know...


    Oh, it all gets a little bit tricky sometimes doesn't it? I often find myself thinking "Well, I'll just give up, this is never going to happen for me". Only to get up the next day, shake myself off and try again. But, it doesn't mean that it isn't hard right? Alongside talking about not giving up, I'm touching on topics of mental health, how we can be better friends and how to handle those beastly Instagram woes! xo P.s, you might find this blog post interesting "How to make comparison work for you"-,,
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    Diet Culture Stories | My Personal Journey


    The whole objective of "Diet Culture Stories" is to use my little platform to help, encourage and hopefully, educate others along the way. Today I'm digging deep into the archive of how I ended up with this mindset. From being obese to being on the verge of a serious eating disorder, I'm carefully unpacking boxes from the years that shaped my life.  I'm sharing my views on bad PT's, explaining that "Clean Eating" is made up, avoiding "Wedding Diets" and offering my unfiltered opinion on Skinny Jabs. Please note that these are only my views and are always, from a place of love. 
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    To My 17 Year Old Self...


    Hi Friends, today I'm badly rapping, carefully unpacking and sharing some important and very heartfelt lessons. From adventures in climbing, learning about love, people, eating 4 Big Macs a week, pulling out hair extensions, and tidying up.  No one said growing up would be easy, but from every tumble we take, there's something new to be gathered along the way. I hope you enjoy listening and if you want to talk to me about anything mentioned? E-mail me on subject - "Podcast"
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    Diet Culture Stories | I got obsessed with watching 10K eating challenge's


    Today I'm starting the first episode in my series of podcasts about Diet Culture Stories and hopefully, along the way I can sprinkle a little more understanding, positivity, and some sense in this very confusing world. I'm discussing my previous obsession with watching 10 thousand calorie food challenges, understanding the "WHY", and looking at how we can stop others from falling into this trap. This  might contain content that some people will find triggering, if so, please give this a miss xo P.s - If you want to discuss any of the content mentioned or different matters on this subject, e-mail me on - subject "Podcast"
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    Things That Keep Me Awake At Night


    Hi, I'm talking about a subject that we can all unite on - SLEEP! But mainly, the things that are keeping me awake at night. Such as my addiction to caffeine, my high speed whirling mind, and the 4 legged terror zone, Lily.  If you'd like to chat, I'd love to hear from you - 
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast



    Hi, I'm Katie and welcome to "Am I Supposed To Say This...?" - Well, am I?  In this podcast I'll be discussing things such as mental health, self-care, how much I hate the diet industry, things I forget to do, how to attempt to be a better human, and eating the last rolo. 
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    You used to call me on my shell phone...


    Okay, Alright, Hello. It's me, your friend who never texts back on time. I'm coming to you exclusively from my little corner of the internet to just explain why...(P.s - I'm sharing my own Tarot reading skills too, don't say I didn't warn you!)
  • Am I Supposed To Say This...? podcast

    What I Learnt From A Social Media Detox


    Social Media & I have had a 20 year relationship in one shape or form. But it wasn't social media, it was me. Which meant we needed to take a break from each other. Here I'm talking about my social media history aka the good ole days & some tips to stop scrolling if you feel it's getting a little too much!

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