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All Things Vocal Podcast

Judy Rodman

Interested in tips, techniques and career advice for singers and speakers? In All Things Vocal Podcast, vocal coach and music industry veteran Judy Rodman uses her vast experience on 'both sides of the glass' to give vocal tips, techniques and advice that can quickly improve the health, control and communicative impact of the voice. She also interviews professional singers, speakers, and industry insiders who share insights for serious vocal careers. Judy's chat with such experts as music industry coach Rick Barker, artist development mentor Laura Monaco Martinez, classical coach Mark Thress, voiceover trainer Susan Berkley and business coach Denise Wakeman reveal actionable insider secrets that can make all the difference to vocal career success. This podcast is for anyone interested in the voice, from beginners to professional stage and studio singers, speakers, voice specialists and audio production teams. Subscribe today and don't miss an episode!

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  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    What‘s Wrong With Your Vocal Warmup?


    Does your voice feel WORSE instead of BETTER after doing vocal exercises? Here are 4 reasons that can happen, and what you can do to get your vocal warm-up working for you instead of turning into a vocal tighten-up! For more help, contact me at
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Interview with JennyTolman - Country Star Rising


    Listen in to hear the story of Jenny Tolman - a singer/songwriter whose star is rising so fast that the country music industry is calling her 'The Next Big Thing'.  You'll laugh with us, and you'll be amazed at what can happen even without a major label when you 1. are extremely good at your craft and 2. extremely good at being valuable to your fanbase and 3. have a great village of support around you! Jenny even shares a live acoustic snippet of one of my fav Jenny songs. Find Jenny and all her socials through her website Find me at
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

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  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Chat with Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte - Holistic Singing Veterinarian


    Did you know that to communicate to an audience intuitively, you could think of them as a big dog? Find out how Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte uses insights of his journey from sickness to cutting-edge holistic veterinarian in ways that benefit his singing and songwriting. Learn a few things about your pet, too!  Find Bassingthwaighte and his services and courses at::
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    How To Sing Tired - When To Cancel Performance


    Have you ever been totally exhausted and need to sing? Do you know when you need to cancel a performance? This episode will give you tips for singing tired, and help you determine when you should cancel your performance. Need good vocal exercises to warmup and cool down? Contact me to book a lesson ; I'd love to help!  Please support this podcast by leaving your review - thank you!
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Deep Dive Into Performance Anxiety & Mindset - With Ingela Onstad of Courageous Artistry


    Would you like to conquer jitters or get into a more focused flow state when you perform? Join me for my interview with classical artist/certified therapist/coach Ingela Onstad as we take a deep dive into the connection between the brain and the voice.  Find and connect with Ingela and her services at If you like this, please review where you're listening to it. Thank you!  Find me and my training for you at 
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Entertainer vs Artist - Which Is Best?


    Are you an entertainer or an artist when you perform onstage? Did you know it's best to be both? This episode will explain why you want to strengthen your weaker mode if you want to raise your impact and value as a performer. Here's the link to the Bono/U2 performance I mention in the episode.  And here's a link to contact me for online lessons...  $125 hr or $65 for 1/2 hr.  
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    In-Ear Monitors - Don't Just Use One!


    Do you know how to safely use In-Ear monitors on stage? This episode will give you tips on using them to make your vocal performance magic, but not harm your hearing in the process!  Youtube links I mention with more information on choosing and using In-Ear monitors: from the Shure company... from audio professional at Kettner Creative...
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Sofia Evangelina Interview - Teen Phenom in Pursuit of Excellence


    Are you feeling limited; need some inspiration? Listen to this chat, where Pop/R&B artist Sofia Evangelina shares her journey of award-winning excellence in several diverse fields of the arts and athletics. With a phenomenal voice, brilliant songwriting and dynamic performance ability, she is now laser-focused on her music career, to be a world-changer and influencer who encourages and uplifts others. Listen and be moved to follow, or re-ignite, your own dreams.
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    How To Practice Without Irritating Neighbors


    Got neighbors? Need to practice? Need to do a vocal warmup at the venue? This episode will give you some practical solutions to decrease the noise level for others, and the ability to have significant practice time for you!  Links mentioned include: ATV blogpost with the free silent vocal exercise download. Power Path & Performance 6-disc vocal training course HearFones practice headset Gear for quiet practice from Sweetwater Soundproofing a room DIY constructing a vocal booth Buying a vocal booth Online lesson pros and cons
  • All Things Vocal Podcast podcast

    Chat With PR Marketing Coach Diane Foy


    Fans, media and industry are what you have to attract to make money with your talent. You have to begin by knowing who you are and developing your story and personal branding, before you go on to social media and the rest. So says Diane Foy, my interview guest today, who is a certified PR & Marketing Coach for artists and performers. To use her by-line, if you have an unstoppable drive but lack a strategic plan, you'll want to hear this chat! Diane's Links Get her freebie Fans, Media & Industry Attraction Roadmap Podcast: On all social networks her identifier name is DianeFoyPR FB Group: Unstoppable Musicians and Actors Website: 

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