After the Crisis podcast

After the Crisis

Victoria English Martin

Life can be a beautiful journey, but each of us endures unique challenges, crises, and traumas. Healing can only come when we face these events, move through the pain, and discover the healing and authenticity on the other side. Each Tuesday, join Victoria English Martin, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Fitness professional and Breast Cancer survivor and advocate. No matter what life may look like on the outside, we all carry scars. Join Victoria as she shares her own stories of adversity, along with how she is restoring and rediscovering herself. She’s creating a community of acceptance and support, where people can discuss their difficult times, hear from trusted experts, realize that every story deserves to be heard, and discover that healing IS possible. Whether you are rocking, scraping by or sinking fast in this human experience that we all share, this podcast is for you! You can share your story, offer skillful insights learned in your professional or personal life, and be reminded that we are more alike than we are different.

21 épisodes