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Momentum, the growth consultancy

Account-Based Marketing is a podcast designed as a collection of conversations with sales and marketing leaders, sharing thoughts and practical tips to growing your valuable customers. This podcast is brought to you by Momentum, the growth consultancy, redefining how sales and marketing teams grow their biggest customers. You can learn more at

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  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.34: Sales enablement for a new world of selling


    In this episode, Alisha is joined by McKinsey's B2B sales and marketing Partner Liz Harrison to share her expertise and tips on how to avoid channel conflict, why all areas of the business need to be focussed around customers, and how to add human value to a digital buying process. In a world of digital, remote, and hybrid selling, the role of sales enablement has never been more critical.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.33: Finastra: Building a global ABM program in a pandemic


    Building a centralised ABM program while still empowering the field and regional teams is a difficult balance. In this episode, Marnie Giuranna Zaccaria, Global ABM Lead at Finastra, discusses how one of the world’s leading fintech organisations has approached this problem, why less is more, and gives her tips for navigating COVID-19 disruption.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

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  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.32: ITSMA & Momentum, Creating an ABM powerhouse


    To celebrate Momentum and ITSMA joining forces Momentum's founder, Alisha Lyndon, is joined by ITSMA experts in this episode to talk about the future of marketing and what’s next for account-based strategies. Hear from ITSMA President Dave Munn, SVP of Consulting Rob Leavitt, and Julie Schwartz, SVP of Research & Thought Leadership as they discuss how marketing is evolving into a growth driver and organisation builder.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.31 Oracle: Becoming an ABM Rockstar


    In this episode we hear from Kelvin Gee, Senior Director of Modern Marketing at Oracle to discuss how Oracle are closing the skill gap, training and enabling marketeers in account-based marketing.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.30 Ten years of leading the field in ABM


    Momentum is celebrating a big milestone this month: it’s officially our tenth birthday. A decade at the forefront of ABM means we knows what really creates value, what doesn’t and what’s next. And, to celebrate, we have created a special episode featuring ten experts from Momentum who are trusted by world-leading companies to help them to drive growth. In this must listen episode for anyone focused in growing revenues, hear what has been the biggest development in ABM over the last ten years and what’s the next big thing to watch out for.  Meet the experts:
 0.55 - Robert Hollier, Partner & Director of Consulting
 6.01 - Diane Borksa, Sr. VP Consulting & Competitive Intelligence
8.30 - Cate Sutherland, Consulting Director & Head of Content Strategy
 12.40 - Tamsen Galloway, General Manager, US
 16.21 - William Nicholls, Managing Director, UK
 17.23 - Lenore Scanlon, Financial and Business Services Lead 24.19 - Adam Bennington, Consulting Director
 28.17 - Mark Braun, Creative Director 34.11 - Jacqueline Gummer, Consulting Director 37.19 - Chris Hooper, VP of Growth & Partnerships

  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.29 State Street: The secret to maintaining first mover advantage


    “It's incumbent on all of us, particularly in the marketing organisation, to protect the message”. In this episode, Katherine Lucas, Head of Platform Marketing at State Street, shares her advice for gaining and maintaining first mover advantage based on her experience of launching AlphaTM, a first-of-its-kind investment servicing platform, building the global messaging and leading the go to market strategy.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.28 Dell Technologies: Bringing together ABM and challenger selling


    “It's important to have the data and science, but don't forget the story”. In this episode, Steve Goddard Integrated Marketing Director at Dell Technologies explains how marketing is driving a challenger program and the learnings from focusing on business outcomes rather than product features.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.27 Executive Marketing. Who influences the influencers?


     A focus on executives and CxO audiences is on the rise. In this episode, we are joined by Samara Donald, currently, Global Executive Lead at AWS who talks through her strategies for successful executive engagement. “You can't just say, trust me. Believe me, you have to show”.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.26 S&P Global Market Intelligence: Pitfalls to avoid when establishing your Account Based Engagement program


    How do you establish ABE as a known discipline within an organisation that has no prior experience? In this episode, Amie Stankiste, Global Head of Marketing at S&P Global Market Intelligence shares her frank experience and explains the journey: “My team were new to ABM in 2019, they didn't know much about it and the rest of organisations certainly didn't. Bringing all that learning together and sharing best practices has been really, really important.” This is episode was recorded towards the end of 2020.
  • Account-Based Marketing podcast

    Ep.25 Qlik: Co-creating with customers


    In this episode, Nancy Carlyle Harlan, Head of Global Account Based Marketing at Qlik explains why co-creating marketing with customers is the future for ABM and why it’s essential to lead with a unified strategy to ensure everyone is aligned with the same objectives. Nancy joined us for this recording in September 2020.

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