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#94 - The Parenting Paradox: Protecting Our Kids vs. Empowering Through Struggle

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In this episode, we speak with Celia Landman, author of "When the Whole World Tips: Navigating Parenting Through Crisis with Mindfulness and Balance." Celia is a seasoned mindfulness educator with a deep background in supporting others through meditation, visualizations, and training.

Celia shares strategies for finding balance in the tumultuous journey of parenting. Her teachings are further enriched by her experiences within the Plum Village community of engaged Buddhism, founded by the revered Thich Nhat Hanh.

Key Takeaways:

• Understanding Mindful Equanimity: Learn the profound concept of loving and allowing, which is crucial for parents to navigate the inherent struggle of wanting to shield their children from pain while recognizing the growth that comes from facing life's challenges.

• Feeling Your Feelings: Discover how equanimity is not about being unaffected by emotions but about fully embracing all feelings and maintaining an open heart through life's ups and downs.

• Empathy Before Education: Gain insights into the power of empathy in parenting, emphasizing the importance of understanding and validating children's emotions before moving to problem-solving strategies.

• Navigating Children's Anxiety: Explore the modern epidemic of anxiety among children and teens, and learn how a mindful approach to parenting can offer stability and reassurance in an uncertain world.

• Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Understand the principles of NVC and how it fosters connection, understanding, and mutual respect within the family, moving away from blame and toward a culture of empathy.

What You Will Learn:

• Strategies for Self-Compassion: Celia shares simple yet powerful practices for parents to cultivate self-compassion and self-care. She recognizes that the foundation of effective parenting lies in being grounded and present for oneself.

• Empathy Techniques: Learn practical techniques for offering empathy to your children, helping them navigate their emotions, and building a stronger, more connected relationship.

• Managing Your Own Anxiety: Discover methods to address and manage your anxiety, ensuring that you can offer your best self to your parenting role.

• Customized Meditation and Visualization: Access Celia's wealth of experience in creating tailored meditation and visualization practices to reconnect with your inner peace and strength.

You can find out more about Celia at https://celialandman.com or order her book here.

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