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#87 - Identity Shifts From Individual to Father: A Psychotherapist's Perspective

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Becoming a dad can profoundly transform a man's identity. In this episode of "A Dad's Path," host Will Braunstein explores this transformative journey with psychotherapist Stephen Rowley, Ph.D.

Their conversation delves into themes of identity, childhood trauma, and the complex roles fathers play in personal and family growth.

Key Topics:

  • Identity Search
  • Childhood Trauma and Psychological Impacts
  • Fatherhood's Influence on Personal Growth
  • Life Challenges and Resilience
  • Parenting Wisdom for Modern Dads

Discover how fatherhood reshapes personal identity. This episode offers a blend of personal anecdotes, professional insights, and relatable stories that will resonate with dads at all stages of their journey. 🌟

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