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#86 - Breaking the Cycle: Fatherhood Lessons with Reverend Dr. Stewart Perrilliat

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Host Will Braunstein chats with Reverend Dr. Stewart Perrilliat, a figure of resilience and inspiration, from Oakland's streets to a leader in the Marine Corps and now a guiding light in the 'Man to Man Urban Youth Advocate' program.

An author and an ordained Reverend at Allen Temple Baptist Church, Stewart performs prison ministry, serving the men who have been incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison since 1995.

Key Topics:

  • The Power of a Simply Being There: Exploring the impact of fatherlessness and the importance of physical presence. 👨‍👦
  • Learning from Adversity: Dr. Stuart's personal journey and its influence on his views on fatherhood. 🛠️
  • Advice for Dads: Real-world tips on being an active, engaged, and consistent father. 📚

👍 Why Listen?

  • Gain insights into overcoming the challenges of fatherhood.
  • Learn how to be a more effective and present dad.
  • Be inspired by Dr. Stuart's transformative journey and lessons. 💡

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