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Want to Thrive in Your Career After Kids? Here’s How One Woman Crushed It (And Even a Cancer Diagnosis Hasn’t Stopped Her)

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Dive into this week’s “Work It Like A Mum” episode, where we chat with the unstoppable Nicole Lee. From eyeing a future in beauty to making her mark in the timber industry, Nicole’s story isn’t your run-of-the-mill career tale. Add becoming a mum and battling breast cancer into the mix, and you've got a story that's as real as it gets.

Nicole and her partner’s strategy to navigate financial tight spots is nothing short of a masterclass in teamwork and ambition - and the power of manifestation doing its thing.

But life threw its curveball - breast cancer. Amid the chaos of Covid, Nicole faced this head-on, turning what could’ve been a breaking point into a breakthrough. Her journey through diagnosis, treatment, and coming out swinging is a raw look at the toughness wrapped in every woman.

This chat isn’t just about climbing the career ladder or facing health battles; it’s about the mess and magic of aiming for more, achieving your dreams, dealing with the unexpected, and still pushing forward. Nicole’s story is a shoutout to every woman rewriting her story, proving it's all about showing up, speaking up, and not giving up.

Download now to catch all the real talk, from career pivots and parenting highs to facing fears head-on. Let's get real about riding the ups and downs and still chasing what counts.

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