Work It Like A Mum podcast

Work It Like A Mum

Elizabeth Willetts

How do I know if I'm ready to return to work after maternity leave? Can I *really* make all the pick-ups, drop-offs AND get to work on time? Am I ready for that promotion? How do I balance managing a large team and demanding kids? Is now the right time to start my own business? Can I flourish in a part-time job? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* have it all? Whether you're returning to work after your first maternity leave or juggling a high-flying career with teenagers that won't do their homework, this is the show for you.Work It Like A Mum is a new podcast giving you a weekly dose of inspiration, confidence, and step-by-step tips (plus lots of comradery) to help you flourish in your career after kids. Hosted by the Founder of Investing in Women, Elizabeth Willetts, we chat with remarkable women redefining our working world. They'll share their secrets on how they've achieved extraordinary things after children, set boundaries and balance, challenges they've faced (and how they've overcome them) to define their own versions of success. Every episode is brimming with ideas, tools, hints and tips you can put straight into practice so you, too, can have a career you adore. We cover it all - with raw honesty and a few laughs to ensure you are seen, heard, promoted and hired - whilst keeping your sanity at home! Listen now to get all the inspiration you need to Work It Like A Mum.

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