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Unlocking Your Coaching Business’ Potential With Joanna Lott: Her Secrets to Building a Business You Adore

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Ever found yourself daydreaming about a job that promises more than just a paycheck; one that fulfils you both professionally and personally, while empowering others to do the same? That’s exactly what Joanna Lott did - moving from a traditional HR role into becoming a coach - and helping other aspiring coaches do the same. In this podcast episode, I had the absolute joy of chatting with Joanna and unwrapping her journey into entrepreneurship. Her story resonates with all of us, spinning the plates of parenthood and our professional lives.

Joanna’s magic doesn’t just stop at coaching; it’s about utter transformation. Dive into our chat, and you’ll get a front-row seat to how a leap into professional coaching qualifications can flip your world upside down - in the best way possible. We wander off the beaten corporate path and explore how these coaching skills have seeped into family life. Joanna lays bare the emotional rollercoaster of birthing a business and tackling her identity crisis and vulnerabilities head-on - and the secrets to making your coaching business a huge success.

And we didn’t stop there; if you're thinking of becoming a coach - or want to take your coaching business to the next level, Joanna gives us a sneak peek into her six-month coaching mentorship programme, detailing why structured training is so important in an unregulated industry such as coaching in giving you the edge against your competitors.

Whether you’re a coaching veteran or merely coach-curious, this episode is a goldmine of insights on cultivating a successful coaching practice.  Don’t miss out on the gems dropped in this episode!

🔗 And hey, if you're vibing with what you hear, why not connect with me, Elizabeth Willetts, on LinkedIn for more tales of women rocking the business world while navigating parenting? Grab your preferred brew, settle in, and let's get inspired to chase those dreams with a little nudge from Joanna’s journey. Subscribe now, and let’s keep working it like a mum! 💪

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