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Sweet Dreams, Big Success: Rosey Davidson’s Journey From Sleepless Nights to Sleep Guru to the Stars

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Every parent knows the agony of sleepless nights, but not everyone turns those personal challenges into a thriving business dedicated to helping others get a better night's sleep. However, today's guest, Rosey Davidson, did just that, transforming her nighttime struggles into Just Chill Baby Sleep - the UK's leading sleep consultancy.

In this episode, Rosey gives us an honest look into her life, from facing sleepless nights with her first child to becoming Instagram's number-one Sleep Consultant and the go-to sleep guru for parents and celebrities. We dive into how her personal struggles led her to create a business that not only helps families but also offers her the flexibility she wants as a mother to three children.

Rosey shares her experience of starting her business from scratch, highlighting the scrappy, early days balancing childcare, work, and building her brand. Discover how she transitioned from baby massage classes to sleep consultancy and how taking leaps of faith and trusting her instincts propelled her to where she is today.

We also explore Rosey's journey of becoming a published author, the challenges of writing a book with a newborn, and how this endeavour has added a new dimension to her business. Rosey's story is a masterclass in juggling business growth with the demands of a young family, and she's here with you today to share her top tips for success.

This episode isn't just Rosey's success story; it's a practical guide and a source of inspiration for any parent striving to balance their professional dreams with family life.

🔗 Don't forget to check out the links in the show notes for more on Rosey's services, her book, and her journey. And if you're on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me, Elizabeth Willetts, for more inspiring stories of women making it work in the world of business and motherhood.

Join us for this enlightening conversation, packed with practical advice for any parent or aspiring entrepreneur. Subscribe now and let Rosey's journey inspire you to chase your dreams, no matter the challenges. Until next time, keep working it like a mum! 💪

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