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Redefining Success: Parenting Children with Additional Needs with Ali Fanshawe

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In this episode of "Work It Like a Mum," I'm joined by Ali Fanshawe, an adoptive mother of two kids with additional needs and a strong advocate for making work more accessible for parent carers. Ali shares her candid journey from adoption to navigating the complexities of raising children with additional needs while advocating for support in the workplace.

Through her initiative, Fizzy Kids, Ali has championed therapeutic parenting techniques and highlighted the importance of a supportive work environment for parent carers. This conversation delves into the challenges and victories of adopting, recognising the signs of autism and other additional needs in children, and the profound impact of employer support for families like hers.

This episode is packed with Ali’s firsthand experiences and tips on navigating the complexities of parenting children with additional needs, as well as the need for advocacy and workplace adaptability. It’s an essential listen for parents on a similar journey and anyone looking to create a supportive environment for families facing these challenges.

Tune in to hear Ali Fanshawe’s empowering story and learn about the impact of advocacy, support, and understanding in the journey of parenting and professional life.

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