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No Glass Ceilings Here: Inside CPI EuroMix's Blueprint for a Thriving Diverse Workplace (You can do it too!)

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Get ready to smash concrete ceilings and build bridges of belonging with this episode of Work it Like a Mum! We're diving headfirst into the world of diversity and inclusion in the tough-as-nails construction industry, with the amazing Wendy McFarlane and Soraia Pardal from CPI EuroMix showing us how it's done.

Forget dusty old stereotypes – CPI EuroMix is where difference takes centre stage. We're talking precise diversity targets baked into their DNA, management champions cheering them on, and employee networks strong enough to hold up the whole blimin' building. Wendy and Soraia spill the beans on how these networks work their magic, from standing agendas that keep things fiery to making sure everyone's voice gets heard, loud and clear. Bonus points for nailing the virtual/in-person balance – these connections are always buzzing, no matter the location.

And guess what? Embracing diversity isn't just feel-good fluff. It's actually fueling innovation. Job-sharing, flexible schedules, part-time options – they're redefining the way work gets done, and CPI Euromix is seeing its bottom line shine in return. Turns out, when you value every voice and offer opportunities for everyone to rock their careers, your whole company thrives.

So ditch the hard hats and grab your thinking caps! This episode is a blueprint for building a workplace where everyone feels included, empowered, and ready to smash their goals. Join the conversation because the construction industry is about to get a whole lot brighter, stronger, and more diverse!

PS. - sorry for the sound hiccup in this episode - I recorded myself with the wrong microphone 🤦‍♀️, but Wendy and Soraia's voices are clear and strong, and they do an excellent job describing all the amazing things they've been doing at CPI Euromix.

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