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Is Being a Stay-at-Home Mum the Ultimate Act of Rebellion in 2024? With Chair of Mothers at Home Matter, Anne Fennell.

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Is Being a Stay-at-Home Mum the Ultimate Act of Rebellion in 2024?

I know I felt like a rebel when I decided to stay home with my kids. Society tells us our worth lies in our paychecks, but I knew there was more to it than that. In this episode, Anne Fennell, chair of Mothers at Home Matter, and I dive deep into the world of stay-at-home parenting. We challenge societal expectations, explore diverse family policies across Europe, and discuss how companies can better support parents returning to the workforce.

From Anne's personal journey as a PTA mum to spearheading community projects, we'll explore how parenting roles can be surprisingly enriching professionally. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that will leave you questioning the status quo and celebrating the invaluable role of stay-at-home mums in 2024. 

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