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How to Build a Career-Changing Personal Brand That Opens Doors With Leigh Welsh

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Ever caught yourself wondering if you could build a personal brand - and the impact it would have on your career?..

In this week's episode, you're in for a real treat, as our guest is none other than Personal Branding Specialist and Strategist Leigh Welsh. Leigh has spent over a decade building his own personal brand, with thousands of followers on LinkedIn and a female leadership community he’s grown with his podcast She’s a Leader. Leigh is the founder of Vidible, a personal branding & video marketing business which empowers individuals to think about their personal brand as much as they do their company brand. He’s the mastermind behind the personal brands of some of the UK's most exciting entrepreneurs and is giving you his top tips on how YOU can build an effective personal brand and accelerate your career. We're diving deep into how having a standout personal brand is no longer just nice to have—it's absolutely crucial if you want to make waves in your industry.

Leigh will pull back the curtain on his journey from blending into the background to becoming the talk of the town, telling us the exact steps he takes when building his clients' personal brands. We chat about how personal branding has evolved from being the icing on the cake to a main ingredient in the recipe for professional success.

No matter where you stand in your career or business journey, the insights Leigh offers are gold for anyone looking to create a personal brand that truly hits home and does great things for their business or career.

So, pop in those earbuds and join us as Leigh guides you through building a personal brand with conviction rooted in the real you. It's time to shine, and Leigh's here to show you how.

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