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Chasing Flexibility: How Kerry Jackson Redefined Her Career Path - On Her Own Terms

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Ever fancy chucking the corporate hamster wheel for a world of flexibility, growth, and not a single line of code required? That's exactly what our mate Kerry Jackson did! She swapped the high-pressure world of events management for the certified wonderworld of Salesforce.

Buckle up for a career pivot rollercoaster! In this week's episode I chat with Kerry about how she tackled retraining head-on, the life-changing benefits (less stress, more family time and a rekindled love of learning – who knew, right?), and how she snagged that coveted Salesforce certification.

But Kerry's story isn't just about fancy certificates; it's a one-way ticket to adventure! We'll follow her journey from England to Ireland, where she's now the tech wizard behind the Wonder Foundation. Think ditching dusty spreadsheets for slick Salesforce solutions – yeah, she's that cool.

And let's raise a glass to the Supermums! Kerry'll spill the beans on their rock-solid support, the joys (and occasional tears) of user training, and how she's paving the way for even more certifications and Irish adventures. 🇮🇪

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Tune in as Kerry shows us that a career pivot can be a life-altering adventure. Plus, you might just discover your own inner tech superhero!

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