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Beyond the 9-to-5: How Job Sharing Can Transform Your Career

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This week on "Work It Like a Mum," we dive deep into the world of job sharing with Chloe Fletcher and Laura Walker, co-founders of The Job Share Revolution. We explore how job sharing can transform your work-life balance, boost productivity, and still allow for career progression. Whether you're contemplating a job share or just curious about its mechanics, this conversation is packed with insights.

Key Highlights:

  • The journey of Chloe and Laura from colleagues at Asda to pioneers in job sharing.
  • Practical advice on how to initiate and manage a job share arrangement, including setting up shared emails and ensuring seamless communication.
  • The benefits of job sharing, not just for employees but for employers too, with an emphasis on increased productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Chloe and Laura address common concerns and challenges associated with job sharing and offer solutions to overcome them.
  • Explore the personal stories of Chloe and Laura, revealing how job sharing enabled them to pursue other passions and responsibilities without sacrificing their career goals.

Perfect for working parents, HR professionals, or anyone interested in innovative work arrangements, this episode sheds light on a flexible work model reshaping how we think about professional roles and responsibilities. Tune in to hear how you can potentially double your workplace impact without doubling your hours.

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