The Addiction Solution podcast

The Addiction Solution

The Freedom Model

The Addiction Solution Podcast (presented by The Freedom Model) provides an alternative view to the disease-based addiction-help model that has remained ineffective for more than 70 years. The Addiction Solution Podcast and The Freedom Model Team will challenge the current views on addiction and the treatment based on it. They will challenge the claims made by the treatment industry and government leaders that treatment for addictions works, that the 12 steps are effective in curbing addiction, and that treatment is necessary for those who are struggling with an addiction. They will bring forth and discuss the latest methods that have been shown to be far more effective. The podcast is centered on the truth regardless of where that path leads. It is provocative, informative and will change the way you see addiction and how people move past addiction, forever. In summary, the Addiction Solution Podcast provides just that – a Solution to Addiction!

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