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Is the Indy 500 motorsport’s Super Bowl? Plus, Bayes Esports on why the esports opportunity is only just beginning.

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Part one sees Tom Bassam joined by BlackBook Motorsport writer Cian Brittle to discuss crown jewel of US motorsport, the Indy 500 to look at why the Indy 500 stands alone in terms of fan experience and commercial outlook.

Part two sees George Breare chat to Amir Mirzaee and Clayton Larcombe from Bayes Esports about what the next phase of the esports industry looks like, including:

·       Why the impact of Covid-19 on the esports industry is exaggerated

·       Why PAC Capital decided to lead Bayes’ recent Series A funding round

·       How esports needs to adapt its commercial model to thrive

·       How regional esports markets differ

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