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A guide to tackling diversity and inclusion with the FEI

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On this special episode of the SportsPro Podcast, Tom Bassam is joined by Sabrina Ibáñez, secretary general of the FEI, who is one of the nine women in leadership roles out of 39 summer Olympic federations. Together they discuss wider representation challenges, leading a diverse organisation and addressing unconscious biases in evolving times.

Talking Points:
  • Female under representation at a senior level  (01:40)
  • How do we put practical measures in place in regulatory level? (02:39)
  • Things the FEI is doing differently in regard to DEI compared to other federations? (05:38)
  • How do you try to influence other federations (09:26)
  • FEI initiatives in parasport (14:46)
  • The power of using athletes for storytelling (17:37)
  • Looking ahead to Paris 2024 (19:13)
  • LQBTQ+ issues in a gender neutral sport (20:50)
  • Efforts to modernise the FEI (26:34)

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