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Shifts in Bull Shark Body Form Through Their Life History with Joel Gayford

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Did you know that shark body form can change as they grow? Why does that happen? Why does it matter? Find out this week on our episode investigating these questions of bull sharks with Joel Gayford!

Title: Ontogenetic Shifts in body form in the bull shark Carcharhinus leucas

Summary: It is believed that body growth is strongly correlated to trophic and spatial ecology through ontogeny, or as a shark ages. Gayford et al. used bull sharks as their study species to better understand morphological growth at many different locations along a shark's body. They found shifts in functional demands across the body through ontogeny, seemingly driven by selective pressures relating to trophic and spatial ecology. They also found significant differences in scaling trends between life stages and sexes. They ultimately discuss the implications of their results for existing ecomorphological hypotheses and provide a robust study to add to much needed research in this area. You can follow Joel Gayford @sharkmeasurements on instagram

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