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Lion's Gate Transmission: Season 4 Welcome w/ Sarah Poet

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Welcome to Season 4! I am here with renewed devotion and sense of mission on this Lion's Gate Portal weekend. In this I cover: + Choosing connection, even in speach + To V or not to V and the separation agenda + Self-love + Legacy (In honor of Guru Jagat) + Sacred Commerce (a beginning to a bigger conversation to come) And much more. Blessings to you on this day and always, Learn more at xo, Sarah See for privacy information.

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    Healing the Masculine in Women for Increased Capacity w/ Sarah Poet


    Episode 097! Women healing the feminine in them are really starting to become aware that they've got to heal the masculine in them too. Just this week, I've had multiple calls with women who are realizing how their PROJECTIONS of their idealized masculine have to do with their projections of trauma associated with men. Questions for reflection: 1. What are your top 3 associations with "Masculine?" Be honest. 2. What are the top 3 things you WANT from the masculine? Until these are the SAME, you'll actually continue to goof up in relationships to men. And, it's bigger than that. Today's podcast is an extended version of a talk I recently did for a course called Wild Feminine through Advaya. A woman's capacity to live in the Wild Feminine, or Sacred Feminine, is proportionate to her capacity to be with the masculine, and to heal the masculine in her. Themes: trauma, men, masculine, sacred feminine, patriarchy, trauma of separation, healing projections, how projections shape relationships (until they don't), healing, the feminine heart, the role of women right now, unity consciousness, conscious union !!! Don't forget to rate and leave a review! Schedule sessions with Sarah Poet directly at See for privacy information.
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    Coming Back Together w/ Natalie Kuhn


    Episode 096! Today's guest is Natalie Kuhn from The Class by Taryn Toomey. Natalie is my favorite class instructor (it's true) in this gorgeous technique, infusing a heap of self-reflective material into this movement practice. Natalie is dedicated to using movement and breath to create a stronger, clearer connection to self. Raised by an ex-nun and a doctor, Natalie found ways to use the physical body to experience spirituality and use spirituality to live more freely in the body. She graduated from NYU with a BFA in theater, travelled the world as a performer for the likes of David Byrne and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs before meeting Taryn in 2013. It was then, just before The Class was even given a name, she dedicated herself to this method and discovered that it was and continues to be her vocation. She hopes that students leave her Class feeling more alive, more connected to themselves, and therefore, to the greater world around them. Listen to this episode for: + Natalie's approach to "this moment" and the importance of perspective + An incredible story about how her mother supported her religious choice as a young girl + How Natalie got started with The Class (it's a fun story with a cosmic overlay) + Our dive into ALL the unspoken things that The Class truly is + Allowing ourselves to feel & to remember + Infusing spirituality and embodiment + Healing the separation in ourselves + Meeting the spaces in ourselves that have been unmet + Coming back into togetherness and in community See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

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  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Restoring Sacred Wholeness w/ Jade Downie


    Episode 095! I have already listened to this transmission three times, because it is full of such beauty. Jade Downie is an elemental songstress breathing the primordial essence of the Holy Mother through the tapestry of sound and light in its reclamation and restoration. She supports the regeneration of the sound fields re-encrypting and re-patterning the atomic and elemental layers of creation to liberate consciousness and thus the conscious expression of Spirit through all realms. Her connection to the Earth body and its inhabitants, namely the plant spirits assists her in opening portals for humanity to travel through moving towards embodied Unity Consciousness. Listen as we traverse present-time restoration of the Holy Mother, the cosmic womb, and the sound fields of creation. Themes: Masculine, Feminine, Reunification, Holy Mother, Hieros Gamos, innocence, integrity, creation consciousness, community, sacred architecture, restoration of wholeness See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Integrating Polarity for Self-Healing w/ Sarah Poet


    Episode 094! Sometimes we create more polarity in our lives when we are trying to avoid dealing with something unpleasant. In that way, we can actually create more of what we don't want. How do you learn to integrate the parts of self that you'd rather not look at? Listen to find out. Hint: It has to do with coming back into the space of the heart. Themes: Polarity, integration, masculine, feminine, heart, atonement, trauma, resiliency, love. See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Autumn Equinox Gateway for Masculine/Feminine Unification w/ Devi Grace


    Episode 093: This podcast is a sacred transmission for your Autumn Equinox advancement! This is a time of shedding shadow dissolutions handed down to us throughout our lineage - about what feminine/masculine mean and about who we are - and to experience the Sacred Marriage now. Guest Reverend Devi Grace is an ordained Gnostic minister, Essene bishop, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Caring Economy advocate, advanced energy medicine practitioner, Twin Flame Physics mentor, oracle for Gaia, multiple NDE experiencer, a somatic teacher of male/ female soul embodiment, and more. She is the creator of the Divine Union Foundation and Speaking Tree of Life that serves as a bridge building catalyst for cultural, ancestral, personal and mythic transformation - from separation to unity consciousness, from power-over and domination to empowerment and co-creation, from duality to the original spiritual blueprint of The Sacred Marriage. She is featured as one of the contributing authors in the highly respected Ancestors Within 2 book series due to launch this Fall, and the host of the new Divine Union Transmissions beginning in Autumn, 2021. THEMES: Masculine, Feminine, Divine Blueprint, Soul Union, Sacred Marriage, Autumn Equinox, 11:11, story, Oracle, Kingship, Feminine Heart, Unification See for privacy information.
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    Nourishing the Self through Hormonal Health w/ Christine Garvin


    I've invited my go-to resource for all things hormone & gut health back to today's show - Christine Garvin! Christine Garvin, MA, NE, RWP is a Functional Health Coach based in Asheville, NC. She weaves together her personal health journey – including a fibroid surgery that nearly killed her – with her training in functional health, nutrition, and hormones to help women heal their gut and achieve hormonal balance. She has been featured in Health, Shape, Parade Magazine, and MSN. She is the host of the podcast, Hormonally Speaking, works with clients all over the world via Zoom, and offers group programs for gut healing and hormone health. Be sure to sign up for Christine's annual Hormone Summit at IG -, website: Christine's podcast is Hormonally Speaking Today's Themes: Stress, cortisol, boundaries, adrenal dysregulation, hormone health, choosing to thrive, nourishment, gut health, perimenopause, vitality, protein, liver health, and so much more! See for privacy information.
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    Virgo Priestess Chronicles on 9/9 with Sarah Poet


    Episode 091. It's Virgo season! As a Virgo Rising, I have had to really embrace that the way I channel, and the way I experience the path of feminine/masculine reunification, is truly through the earthly realm of daily life. It's why I tell story- because my life is the magic and medicine that I am reading to determine what the energetics are doing. While listening to this episode on inner union and feminine/masculine restoration (through a real-life story of course), look at these three self-reflections for yourself. 1. Where do I look to those who I believe to have an established authority to lead my own thinking? 2. What sacred nudges am I receiving in this now moment? 3. What is my inner feminine experiencing in relationship to its energy and the masculine currently? Much love, Sarah Poet New Membership Community opening 9/19. Join at Sarah Poet . com (or get on my email list to be the first to get the info). See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Masculine Feminine Money Part 2 w/ Sarah Poet


    Episode 090 ~ There are 6 money archetypes I am breaking down for you over these two episodes (Part 1 & 2). + Hyper-feminine and hyper-masculine + Deflated-feminine and deflated-masculine + Conscious Feminine and Conscious Masculine In this episode, I begin with some heart to heart sharing about how integrity and money go hand in hand in the New Earth. Part 2 continues with a discussion of wounded masculine (wants the feminine Mother), hyper-feminine (wants the money to come from the magic), and then the Union New Earth frequencies of Conscious Feminine & Masculine working together. In many ways, this is only the beginning of this discussion. There is a conclusion - don't miss it - where I circle back around to the topic of relational integrity and money. Download Masculine Feminine Money at In love, Sarah Poet See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Masculine Feminine Money Part 1 w/ Sarah Poet


    Episode 089! A new resource is about to drop at called Masculine Feminine Money. Join the email list today and this will be the first thing you receive. In this Part 1 episode of Masculine/Feminine money, I break down the most common dynamic between Masculine and Feminine where money is concerned - both between people (regardless of gender) and inside of one person. This dynamic is between the Hyper-Masculine and Deflated Feminine. What are your inner feminine and masculine doing in relation to money? With this episode (and the next) you'll be able to diagnose where your inner F/M are in relation to money so that you can start to do something about it, bring them into union, and thrive! Don't forget to rate, review, & subscribe to this podcast! See for privacy information.
  • Sacred Remembering podcast

    Aligning to Your Essence Amidst the Noise


    This episode is an interview that I had given in July 2021 for the Soul Food For Thought Podcast - worthy of sharing here for sure. With so much going on in the world right now, the topics that we cover about how to hear and align to your own essence are very important. Listen for: + Answering the inner call + A story I've never before shared publicly + How the active remembrance of unity consciousness comes through us + Opening to the divine allows you to become a conduit of truth + How to choose your mentors + Whether it's up to us to convince anyone else to "do" anything + How women can heal their relationship to the masculine and why it's necessary See for privacy information.

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