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Seeker's Reward: Restoring the Corporate Altar

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As we enter this brand new year and this brand new season, it’s time that we remember that when we intentionally draw near to the Lord and seek Him, He rewards us. Join us for The Seeker’s Reward, our first series of 2023 that runs alongside our SEEK: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.

In this sermon, Caleb Culver speaks on the corporate altar and how we’re called to tend to it and take our spot on the wall.

There are 4 different types of altars:

- Personal altar someone would create

- Family altar, place of family worship

- Communal altar, in a village or town overseen by a levite

- Corporate altar

The fire that was used on personal and family altars was man-made. The fire on the corporate altar was sent by God.

We have a new order: the living stones of God gathering is the temple, the hearts of the people are the altar, and the fire is the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is the primary purpose of the altar of the new covenant.

Why are we so quick to neglect the corporate altar? People.

There’s something about getting in the room together and praying.

There is an inextricable tie between the purity of the corporate altar and the condition of individual’s hearts.

As the leader goes, so goes the altar. As the altar goes, so goes the nation.

The forsaking of the corporate altar causes the fire to go out, which causes the sacrifices to stop, which leads to the breaking down of the family and personal altar.

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