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Episode 98: The Witches of Eastwick - RoboCop - The Untouchables - Predator: Summer '87

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“If it bleeds we can kill it.” 
Listen, Arnie, you may be able to take down the Predator, but you CAN’T take down Gene Shalit! That ‘stache don’t bleed!

Yes, it’s been a loooong wait, but the boys are back to warm up your fall pumpkin lattes with…hot summer movies! 

This week the guys hop back to Summer 1987 to revisit Jack Nicholson and THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK, Paul Verhoeven’s satirical sci-fi gore-fest, ROBOCOP, Costner and crew as THE UNTOUCHABLES, and the man-meat testosterone-filled jungle that is PREDATOR. 

You pull a knife, Sean Connery, we pull Episode 98. THAT’S the Opening Weekend way!

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