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A Golden Sheila PSA from Nick Nolte!

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F*** The Golden Globe nominations! It’s time for the Golden Sheila Nominations!

That’s right folks; it’s time to go back and bone up on the last 20 episodes from 2022 and vote for your favorite moments!

Favorite Episode 

Favorite Childhood Story

Best Shalit Review

Best Celebrity Guest Phone Call

Favorite Arthropod Squad Member

And any other category you want to make up, because, let’s face it: waxing nostalgic about a podcast about waxing nostalgic is about as strange as a fictional super fan from Sacramento who’s DNA was spliced with a murder hornet having a baby with a possibly fictional Richard Dreyfuss who’s DNA was spliced with a salmon and a quail and having children who are now babysat by….oh, forget it…just send in your nominations!

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