My Kind of Pleasure podcast

My Kind of Pleasure

Lisette Ostrander

This podcast is my year-long project and tool that I am using to explore and deepen my connection with pleasure and bring more aliveness into my life. My hope is that it will also expand and challenge the way that you think about sex, your bodies, desire, and aging so that you can bring more pleasure and aliveness into your life.

This podcast is for anyone interested in these topics, and I am especially creating this for people who will experience or are already experiencing the menopause journey. In our society, from the time we are young, we receive and continually get reaffirmed incorrect, negative, and limiting information about sex and our bodies, what things should look like, and what is acceptable, normal, and beautiful for women and men.

I want to use this podcast to challenge the ideas that we have been taught about menopause, sex, desire, pleasure, mindset, and our emotions and to use that to decide how to create and define our own kind of pleasure.

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