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Opportunity Zones and The Southeast's Emerging Asset Management Strength

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Founder and Managing Partner of Material Capital Partners, Alex Chalmers, joins the show to share his experience building and investing in thriving startups and opportunities in The Southeast. In this episode, Greg and Alex talk about how the financial crisis of 2008 and now the global COVID-19 Pandemic have shown the entire country that low-income communities are often the first hit and last to recover during times of economic instability. One of the ways this is being addressed is via Opportunity Zones, bipartisan legislation authored by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott enacted through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Alex discusses how Material Capital Partners is helping and why communities, local leaders and investors all benefit. Plus, he discusses how Silicon Valley’s benefits regarding access to capital, amazing talent and innovation.

Material Capital Partners is headquartered in Charleston, SC with a presence in San Francsico, CA.

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