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S2 Ep. 6 - Blind Spot #5 Bitterness

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Join us as we break down this very dangerous and destructive blind spot. As Thad describes it is a "hate blanket" that takes us over without us even realizing it.

How can we get out of it? There is a way.

We recommend this prayer for you to pray when trying to overcome a blind spot you may be dealing with. Lord Jesus, I agree and confess that I have been proud (or selfish, etc). Please forgive me for (say what you need forgiveness for, be specific) Thank You for Your forgiveness. I choose to humble myself before You and others. I choose to place all my confidence in You and not to put confidence in my flesh. I renounce the spirit of pride that is attached to this, and command it to go to the Lord Jesus for His judgement. I choose to remove and forsake this mantle of pride, and I ask You Holy Spirit to shut the door that I have opened whether I knew it or not and; clothe me in Your garment of humility, OR guide my thoughts, attitudes, and actions, OR heal my damaged emotions, OR free me from the bondage of bitterness. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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