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Can MatPat guess the Trending Topics of 2023?

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2023 came jam-packed with trends ranging from music to video games to, of course, crazes that were just downright absurd. In this especially epic episode, our host, MatPat is joined by co-host Anthony Padilla, to uncover the 2023 Trending Topics (US)! Witness as Anthony challenges MatPat's YouTube prowess by serving up the cleverest of clues that'll keep MatPat guessing.

So, think you're a trendspotter? Put your knowledge to the test! How many trends could you nail? Drop your score in the comments at

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Featured Videos (*spoiler alert!*):

Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Official Video)

Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano - PRC (Video Oficial)

Bowser - Peaches (Official Music Video) | The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Garten of Banban - Official Trailer

Garten of Banban 2 - Official Trailer

Grimace shake 🥤hitting a bit too different! #thatlittlepuff #grimace

Grimace Shake

Film Theory: We Found Barbie Land!

The Barbie Movie Understood the Assignment! 🤣 #shorts

ASMR Friend Gets You Ready for the Barbie Movie 🎀 (fast and aggressive, personal attention, grwm)

skibidi toilet

skibidi toilet 14

skibidi toilet 8

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