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Where Leadership Really Comes From | E129

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Unconventionality produces unconventional leadership. But what, exactly, is unconventional leadership and why should we desire to be an unconventional leader? It all begins with first understanding yourself and where leadership really comes from.

To address this, I wanted to share one of my personal Hawaii walk recordings. This time of thought and reflection was borne out of my angst of wanting to shift what I do in the world, and how I’ve once again found myself at odds with traditional methodology and expectations. As I journey through this, I thought my fellow visionaries might find my own experiences encouraging and enlightening. Sort of a glimpse into the work behind the work. So let’s go.

“Leadership is developing the agency to trust your mind, to believe yourself first.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Quandary of conventional draws
  • A “P” in a “J” world
  • When convention says you’re wrong
  • What leadership truly is
  • You are the workbook
  • Stop buying into systems

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