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Despite what it may seem like in the business world, there are alternative ways to address the normal processes of running a business. And, as women, we ought to embrace these ways. We don’t need to approach our businesses and the necessary aspects of them in the traditional masculine way.

This has been my life mission and passion: To come alongside women entrepreneurs to show them that leadership is, indeed, feminine. We only need to approach things using our feminine intuition and natural abilities, rather than suppressing or changing them. And a great place to start is with these 3 essentials to lead better.

“It’s a little bit about you, and a little bit about them, and a little bit about why the both of you are ever together, which is to make money.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn 

3 Essentials to Lead Better

  • How to Pay People
    • Process and practice
    • Tailored
  • Performance Fundamentals and Accountability (including Firing)
    • Expectations and agreements
    • Kindness opportunity
  • Team Meetings and Performance Reviews (how to)
    • Science to it
    • Thoughtful value 

Contact Info and Recommended Resources


Get all three as a bundle, or any of them individually (thevisionary.ceo/store). For each module, you’ll also get a Reflective Guide to help you:

  • How to Pay People
  • Performance Fundamentals and Accountability (including Firing)
  • Team Meetings and Performance Reviews (how to)
  • Podcast episode mentioned: Leading Like a Coach

Connect with Kris Plachy

  • LEAD FOR WOMEN: LEAD FOR WOMEN is THE curated Leadership Development, Training AND Advisement program for Elite Visionary Women, including C-Suite Women, seeking to upgrade their skills leading, managing, communicating with, and inspiring the people you pay to achieve results in your business. thevisionary.ceo/lead 
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Work with Kris and Her Team: 

Email: [email protected]






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