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How to Lead My Business and Team When Revenue is Down | E135

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It’s time for real talk. Revenue is down for many businesses. That’s the reality but that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions. But we have to face the facts of what’s happening and go through the process of running through potential solutions to get the results that we want.

As we go through ups and downs in our businesses, having doom and gloom about it isn’t helpful. But neither is the (sometimes fake) “Everything is great” persona that can often permeate entrepreneurial circles. I’d rather be real with each other and focus on what we can do to fix things. So let’s talk about how to lead when revenue trends are dipping.

“We don’t always get the solutions we want but we do get solutions that we are willing to consider.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Pandemic bubble burst
  • Smart numbers evaluation
  • Talking to your team
  • Reasonable goals
  • Doing what you haven’t done before
  • Where are you headed
  • Look at the world

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