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Chat GPT- Your New Favorite Team Member | E133

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AI through Chat GPT is a resource you can leverage to complete tasks you don’t want to do. It can be set up to automatically document and organize various administrative elements you’ve probably been put off doing.

Chat GPT isn’t the only one out there but it’s the one I like best. It makes things like research, content creation, policies and procedures, and so many more things much easier, especially if you find yourself mired down in detailed tasks. So let’s talk Chat GPT, you new favorite team member.

“The trick is just knowing how to ask it for what you want… Just like delegating and transferring ownership to someone on the team to get results done, you have to still get good at how you posit the request.” – Kris Plachy

What You’ll Learn

  • Complete tasks you hate
  • Create content easier
  • Assemble policies and procedures
  • Properly positing requests
  • Not about replacing people

Contact Info and Recommended Resources

  • Live Class on How to Use Chat GPT: Tune in November 3 at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. Register and join at thevisionary.ceo/ai.

Connect with Kris Plachy

  • LEAD FOR WOMEN: LEAD FOR WOMEN is THE curated Leadership Development, Training AND Advisement program for Elite Visionary Women, including C-Suite Women, seeking to upgrade their skills leading, managing, communicating with, and inspiring the people you pay to achieve results in your business. thevisionary.ceo/lead 
  • FREE! Get Kris’ Lead With Confidence Masterclass video and the downloadable PDF at  thevisionary.ceo/leadwithconfidence.
  • Private Subscriber List: Sign up to get preview invitations at thevisionary.ceo/lead. (Opting to be added to the LEAD waitlist on this page will add you to the Private Subscriber List.)

Work with Kris and Her Team: 

Email: [email protected]






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