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Episode 40: You Deserve to Take up Space with Anna Ritner

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I am so excited to welcome Anna Ritner to the podcast. I met Anna at a studio where she practiced acupuncture and I taught yoga years ago, and I was immediately drawn to her. She is an empathic old soul with an easy laugh who knows how to have a good time. She taught me that dancing in public (totally sober) can actually be fun sometimes and that rest is just as an important as movement.

It was a pleasure to catch with her in this interview and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!

We talk about what acupuncture actually is and the science backed reasons it works, what she thinks most women need to balance their hormones (hint: it’s not bone broth or chia seeds) and her approach to working with clients. She shares how this year has brought her to her knees and how letting go has changed her life for the better.

This podcast is a must listen if you’re a woman or have women in your life. So, yes, all of you!

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