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How to Make and Freeze Sweet Corn

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Hello, gardeners, and Herb 'N Wisdom™fans. Well, it's another gorgeous day on the farm. It's also that time of the year where the garden is producing all kinds of golden delicious splendor. Speaking of golden, today we are learning how to make and freeze sweet corn. As with canning and freezing most produce, it's not difficult it just takes a little time. Although freezing sweet corn goes pretty quickly the batch size will determine how long it takes. Here is a list of items you will need to make and freeze sweet corn: Corn:)SugarSaltButterWaterTwo bowls or one bowl and a cake panKnife of choiceGarbage can or animals who like scrapsQuart Freezer bagsLadleFunnel (optional)PotLarge Spoon Now that you have what you need the first step is to shuck the corn. After you have shucked all of the corn and have taken the silks off, put the ears of corn in your sink and wash them off. Once they are washed and all remaining silks removed, bring them to your work area to begin cutting the corn off the cob.  Use your large bowl or cake pan for this and your knife of choice.  Start cutting from the top and work your way down. While cutting, place the empty cobs in another bowl to take out to the animals or throw them away in the garbage can. Once all of the corn is off the cob, it is now time to start measuring the loose corn then dump it into your large pot on the stove. Recipe for a single batch of sweet corn: 8 cups of corn2 cups water2 Tbls sugar1 tsp salt1/4 pound or 1 stick of butter Measure your corn first to determine if you will have a single, double or triple batch.  Once that is determined you can now measure the other ingredients accordingly. After all of the items are measured and in your large pot, stir often with your large spoon. Heat the mixture on medium-high heat until you bring the corn mixture to a boil.  Boil it for 5 minutes then remove it from the heat. Your next step is to cool the corn.  This can be done a couple different ways. Fill a large bowl with ice and set the pot in it. Stir frequently to release steam, allowing it to cool faster.Scoop corn into cake pans and place it in the fridge to cool. After your sweet corn has cooled, it is time to scoop the mixture into your freezer bags.  I would suggest using a funnel for this part to keep the stickiness of the corn away from where it seals on the bag.  Fill each bag 3/4 full or less with a ladle or large spoon, seal the bag, and lay it flat on a cookie sheet. You can mark your bags with the proper date before or after your corn is in them. Please put all of your corn in your freezer when bagged and on the cookie sheet or sheets.  After the corn is frozen you can take them off the cookie sheet.  Notice how nicely they stack in the freezer because you froze evenly and flat. Last but not least.  Pull corn out of the freezer and use as desired:). You are now an expert on how to make and freeze sweet corn! For another great tutorial visit How to make Sauerkraut Cheers! Heather EarlesIs the owner of H&E Literary Works LLC, writes for her local newspaper, has written several books to include a children’s book and an upcoming thriller/drama series called “Prisoner Within.” She is a Print Specialist for Pufferprint, writes a blog on healthy living to aid and inspire. She has a podcast called Herb ‘N Wisdom™, enjoys country living, God, and her family. “I love helping people feel better about life.” Learn more about the author

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