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Badassery w/ Shervana Francis

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Today, we have a powerhouse and badass on the podcast. Shervana Francis is a Trauma-informed Trauma Recovery & Transformation Coach from Saint Lucia. She is the Founder/CEO & Visionary of Espoir Life & Learning Inc.,specializing in helping Caribbean women heal unresolved trauma from childhood, past relationships, increase their self-worth, confidence,  and radically transform their lives and relationships so they can truly own their power.

In her practice, Shervana combines traditional therapy modalities with quantum embodiment practices (including breath work, somatic experiencing, energy alignment, and manifestation). Her trauma work takes on a psycho-somatic approach that focuses on feminine embodiment and empowerment with emphasis on healing relationship/attachment trauma, money trauma, and sexual trauma, and restoring self-love.

She is sharing the story behind her coaching practice, observed trends amongst Caribbean women, her coaching process, programs, and challenges. Shervana is dropping truth bombs and gems in this entire episode. If you are on the journey of healing and transcending then this episode is for you!

Guest info-

Website- https://espoirlifeandlearning.com/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/iamshervana

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iamshervana/


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Her Sexual Space is an independent podcast created and hosted by Janice Leonard. Produced by Vibez Productionz.

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