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Taking A Holistic Approach At Your Health ft. Dr. Tasmin Cordie

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In this episode we're joined by Holistic Health Care Expert, Dr. Tasmin Cordie, to discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach to your health. Dr. Cordie explains that while western medicine is good at treating specific symptoms, it often fails to address the underlying cause of the problem. She recommends that people take a more holistic approach to their health, which includes considering all aspects of their life – physical, mental, and emotional – when making decisions about their health.

Dr. Cordie also offers some tips on how to get started with a holistic approach to your health.

About Dr. Cordie - The Holistic Health Care Expert!
In 2011, Dr. Cordie opened a functional medicine and nutrition practice in Boulder, Colorado. The practice transitioned to telehealth care in 2016. She now lives in New Jersey and continues to care for patients locally and remotely.

While this practice handles health concerns of all kinds with Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Cordie’s strength in patient care centers around using her intuitive skills to create effective holistic care plans that include advanced functional medicine testing and individualized nutritional programs to produce measurable progress.

Dr. Cordie provides a customized approach to assist and educate each patient, facilitating their journey toward better health and happiness.

To learn more and connect with Dr. Cordie, please visit:

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