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Ever imagine how you look and then see a picture which jars you back into reality? How we spend our time - or think we're spending it - often works the same way: our perception can be way off from reality. In this episode of Grey Matters, Steve shares how you can honestly learn how you're spending or misspending your time and, more importantly, how to get it back!

We live in an age of constant distractions. Think about all of the things vying for your attention: website tabs, notifications on your computer, notifications and calls on your smartphone, notifications on your wearables, deliveries, loved ones. And we haven't even mentioned that all of this can be aggravated by everyone being home more due to lockdowns and quarantines! Today it's tougher than ever before to stay focused and get in our flow, which is when we can accomplish the best work. 

That's one thing Steve wants to help you with this week as he challenges you to an exercise that will show you where your time is going each day. Whether your goal is to get more work done or better work done - or a combination of both - this episode will get you on the road to reclaimed time and productivity. 

Links from this Episode

Steve's link for the RescueTime app

Here's a visual of an Eisenhower Matrix (easy to create as a table in Excel or Word):

Steve's News Stories for the week:

AirTags and the new iMacs (both via Apple)

Rachel's News Stories for the week:

Amazon adds email marketing feature to brands

Paying with your palm at Whole Foods

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Steve Dotto - Host

Canada's favourite geek. 

For over 20 years, as host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, a nationally syndicated TV show, Steve entertained and educated millions of Canadians on all aspects of technology.

After spending 20 years in traditional broadcasting Steve reinvented himself learning the world of social media, online community building and Internet Marketing as he built his YouTube channel into his new career.

His passion is teaching Baby Boomers and GenX how to remain relevant in the digital age, how we can reinvent ourselves and grow side hustles into successful online businesses.

Steve has a gift for making complex concepts easy to understand. Steve takes the world of technology and makes it relevant in your life.


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From stage to studio, Rachel has honed her skills as an entertainer, producer, and marketer throughout her 20+ year career. As technology and communication has evolved, so she has carried her skills in writing, graphic design, and production forward into digital marketing, livestreaming, and podcasting. 

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Bottom line: if there’s a camera, microphone, and/or stage involved, Rachel can carry the message in a memorable way.  

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