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Show Notes

Apps come and go, and our daily needs constantly evolve. There are probably a few apps you use on a daily basis that, while you may have never heard of them a year ago, you couldn't imagine living without today. 

In this episode of the Grey Matters podcast, Steve Dotto shares five apps that are his new "daily drivers:" tools that support his goals for health, productivity, finance, e-commerce, and creativity. 

Listen to Steve share his experiences with Restream for multistreaming his video broadcasts, Quardio for recording and tracking his blood pressure, Wise for managing financial transactions, ThriveCart for consolidating his business shopping carts, and Ayoa for crucial mind-mapping. 

Chances are you have your own personal and professional list of daily drivers; once you listen to this episode, come on over to the Grey Zone Facebook group to share what yours are! 

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About Us:

Steve Dotto - Host

Canada's favourite geek. 

For over 20 years, as host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, a nationally syndicated TV show, Steve entertained and educated millions of Canadians on all aspects of technology.

After spending 20 years in traditional broadcasting Steve reinvented himself learning the world of social media, online community building and Internet Marketing as he built his YouTube channel into his new career.

His passion is teaching Baby Boomers and GenX how to remain relevant in the digital age, how we can reinvent ourselves and grow side hustles into successful online businesses.

Steve has a gift for making complex concepts easy to understand. Steve takes the world of technology and makes it relevant in your life.


Rachel Moore - Producer

From stage to studio, Rachel has honed her skills as an entertainer, producer, and marketer throughout her 20+ year career. As technology and communication has evolved, so she has carried her skills in writing, graphic design, and production forward into digital marketing, livestreaming, and podcasting. 

In addition to working as a fulltime content marketer, Rachel hosts her own livestream show Social Glue, publishes helpful how-to videos to her YouTube channel, and produces entertaining and insightful podcasts for Really Social as well as Grey Matters. 

Bottom line: if there’s a camera, microphone, and/or stage involved, Rachel can carry the message in a memorable way.  

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