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#7 - Martin Lanni: CUAS stress-testing, decision chains and drone security

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To connect with Martin:

  • https://quantumaviation.co.uk
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-l-a276812/

For threat intelligence, updates and coverage in the industry, find us here:

  • https://dronesec.xyz
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Post-show notes:
[00:55] Introduction - Martin explains his experience of a helicopter pilot chasing submarines around in Russia, Search and Rescue and Counter-Terrorism in the Navy
[03:45] Airspace Security - air security for the London 2012 Olympics
[06:45] Measuring Success - military operations and defining their success
[10:25] Decision Chains & Future Event Security / Commercial Drone Threat
[12:30] The 'so whats' - air defense decisions & collateral effects of jamming
[13:30] Assurance in Counter-UAS systems - recognised bodies and its threat to the industry
[17:35] More than the box - experience and decision making over just ‘the tech’
[20:10] Standardisation/Regulatory in the CUAS field
[24:50] Stress Testing CUAS - quantums experience in the Middle East
[28:00] Quantums beginnings - the quest for comprehensive CUAS capability
[31:15] Staying credible - informing the customer base instead of just selling them things
[35:18] Direct vs Indirect education - awareness of the CUAS industry
[37:30] The Rescue on Ben Nevis - a story from Martin’s experience with SAR
[42:06] Situational awareness for UAS operators
[45:00] Close-proximity vs traditional aviation - UTM and ATM
[49:08] Quantum strategies - autonomous drones vs individual rogue operators
[52:28] CUAS products and regulatory restrictions - UK laws and regulations, use of the RF spectrum, range of jammers vs ratio-based jamming and common customer questions
[55:25] The future of jamming - Quantum’s discussion with UK CAA on
[56:21] DroneHunter & non-regulatory-banned methods of CUAS - use cases for non-LE entities looking to track and apprehend offending drone operators
[1:03:23] CUAS guys are drone lovers too - regulations and their restrictions on recreational fliers vs focusing on maligned drone use
[1:07:15] Knee-jerk reactions - drones & the rapid introduction of regulation by law makers

Links from the Episode:

Article 5

CPNI - Center for Protection of National Infrastructure (run a catalogue of approved equipment/hardware - creating set of standards for detection equipment and counter-measures)

DJI Airsense & ADS-B

Project Wing in Canberra, Australia

Fortem radar capability

UK Civil Aviation Authority


FAA - using counter-measures at a local level/ DHS

Tony Reid - High School/Primary School UAS safety

In this episode we only lightly touched on the deal around 'range' in RF jamming, vs as Martin mentioned, the 'ratio'. If you have a good technical insight into this and would like to share it on the podcast, please contact us at [email protected].

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