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Zugarramurdi Witch Trials

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In this week’s episode, we’re shaking things up a bit as Douglas takes the lead with a fascinating historical crime story. Get ready to step back in time, all the way to the 17th century, as we dive headfirst into the riveting world of the Basque witch trials.

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill witch-hunt narrative. Douglas is about to provide us with a fresh perspective, one that will have us exploring the lives of not only the accused but also the inquisitors tasked with the weighty responsibility of seeking out witches.

As we venture deeper into this historical narrative, you’ll be fascinated to learn that the Basque witch trials held their own unique quirks and stories, setting them apart from other witch hunts of the time. These trials were not just about the supernatural; they were deeply intertwined with the Basque culture, customs, and beliefs of the era.

So, grab your drink of choice and join us as we uncover the intricacies of this gripping story, immersing ourselves in the past to gain a deeper understanding of a chapter in history where folklore, fear, and reality converged in a truly remarkable way.

Content Warning: this episode contains some descriptions of violence

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