Crimes of the Basquelands podcast

Crimes of the Basquelands

Julie Garcia and Douglas De Carvalho

Crimes of the Basquelands is yet another true crime podcast, but here's the twist, all of the crimes covered are related to The Basque Country. Did it happen in The Basque Country? Was there a Basque person or a Basque descendant involved? We'll cover it all. Join Julie Garcia and Douglas De Carvalho (Bilbao "adoptees") as they chat about these crimes with some link, however tenuous, to The Basque Country. Ongi Etorri (welcome) to a podcast that pledges to satiate your true crime cravings while immersing you deeply in the captivating world of The Basque Country. Prepare for riveting narratives, cultural exploration, and an unforgettable podcast adventure.

26 episodios