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Episode #40 Mental Health is both Mind and Body!

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Click here to listen on Spotify Welcome to the brand new episode of “The Conscious Living Podcast.” Today I have the pleasure of interviewing an amazingly evolved soul, entrepreneur, and dear friend and colleague, Mr Dan King. Dan is a tennis and meditation-loving former lawyer living in Miami, FL, originally from the east coast of Canada. He started his career in business law at a large corporate firm and then on the Shark Tank TV show. He worked with entrepreneur clients and found himself more drawn to their human challenges than their legal challenges so he left law and returned to school to study psychology. Here’s what you will discover in the brand new episode: 1- How to achieve intense pressure 2- What is the best time for you to be happy 3- How burnout is damaging to your mind. 4- Why mental health is both body and mind. & so much more.

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