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The holy spirit has the power to change us, but we must understand the process! 

Getting rid of our selfish, useless and banal desires to live a full and meaningful life in Christ

We are formed intentionally or unintentionally, the fruits are the proof, the nature of the tree is determined by the fruits it produces! Not for his intentions or his good will

How can we facilitate the Holy Spirit?

Water - water your spiritual life by changing your mindset to start a Reset! - implemented healthy habits in your daily life.  


Fertilize : add nutrients... People who "add" positive and stimulating thoughts based on the word of God 


Pruning : principle of accountability. It is the scariest and at the same time the most powerful thing to bring into your life.  

The proof of being his disciples is determined by "much fruit". Not gifts or fame, not by numbers or earthly success , but by fruit!  

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