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099 - Fox explains Pressure Balancing in 2025 GRIP Dampers

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While at the launch for the new Fox GRIP dampers, I pretty much had my brain melted by VP of engineering Bill Brown as he explained their inner workings.

So, naturally, I brought him on the show here to run through it again. The level of fluid dynamics and engineering discussed is still well above my pay grade, but I think we do a pretty good of of explaining how the new dampers are able to simultaneously offer more support and be more sensitive to small bumps.

It's all about pressure balancing, and we go deep on it. If you've always run your suspension wide open so it's as comfortable as possible, you may want to listen in. The new GRIP dampers provide better, faster damping so you have more control with less harshness. And they work phenomenally well.

Get ready to geek out!


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