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55. How buying a property in the USA differs from buying a property in Ireland

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Property buyer's agent Breffnie O'Kelly talks property in accessible and informative interviews. Click link below to book Breffnie for a one hour session and get your property questions answered.

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  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    E58. Midlife Move to the Country


    Ready and waiting for a new life in the country? The unlikely fairy godmother  called Covid, might just make your dreams come true.  This week we are joined by my city dwelling bee keeping, vegetable growing friend, Karin Stierle, about how this odd time has proved the catalyst for a move out of town.  We look at the delicate choreography of selling one home to finance another and getting the timing right
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    57.Breffnie talks to about her business


    This time Breffnie's the one being interviewed!. In a conversation with James Rogers, Site Editor of Breffnie talks about how she got started in her business and the type of person who uses a Buyer's Agent. 
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

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  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    56. The lie of the land


    Inspired by a recent conversation with a client about which of two properties they should bid on, I've outlined 8 ways in which the site of a property can be compromised  to such an extent that I would be reluctant to buy it eg. steep slopes, presence of water, "over built" site etc.    I always welcome feedback. Get in touch! To book a one hour property coaching call with Breffnie, click here:     To find out more about working with Breffnie as a Buyer’s Agent click here:
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    54. Getting finance for a home in Ireland when living abroad


    Living abroad and need finance to buy a property in Ireland? Then you won't want to miss this conversation with Niall Coughlan, Senior mortgage advisor with Irish Mortgage Corporation. Niall is expert in helping Irish abroad get home loans in Ireland. Key take aways from this podcast episode are: you'll need a minimum deposit of 35%,  the maximum loan term is 25 years,  your loan approval will be valid for 12 months, you'll get good "home owner" rates if you are buying for your own use rather than buying to rent, which can be a little more complicated. Also you'll need to meet Niall in person at some point before you draw down your  loan, so if you're home for Christmas make sure to take five minutes to physically meet with Niall who will do his best to make himself available.   Tune in for truly granular and usefu information.  Contact details for Niall are: [email protected]    Phone number is: + 353 86 8944607   If you'd like to book a call with me,  just go to my website and scroll down till you see the calendar link.    Thanks for listening.   
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    53. Erika Bernath, my diplomat client, shares her experience of moving to Dublin


    53. And now for something completely different! This week I am joined by a CLIENT!  for a change. Erika Bernath, Austrian Consul in Dublin, joins me today to talk about her experience of finding a home in Dublin using me as her property finder.  It transpires that this was the first time in 27 years of moving from country to country that she actually had found and signed a lease on a suitable property in advance of arrival and so was able to move directly into her apartment on touchdown at Dublin airport.  This was all thanks in no small part to the use of Zoom technology and good communication. Key advice Erika would offer to anyone moving to Dublin is to use an agent to help find accommodation and trust your gut instinct. Can't argue with that!
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    52. Robert Hoban and


     All of us in the property business, whether as agents, buyers, or sellers, spend a lot of time chasing or waiting for information. Robert Hoban, estate agent, holder of a law degree and  co founder of joins us in today's podcast to tell us why he created and just how it works to stream line the whole property sale and purchase process. Having had a good look at this product, especially at the way in which it motivates the vendor to engage meaningfully in the legal process from day one, I would earnestly urge every estate to check this software out.  As Robert Hoban says in the interview, the software is designed to free up the estate agent's time so that he or she can spend maximum quality time talking to their vendors and to buyers If you'd like to book a one hour property call with Breffnie at the end of which you'll have got clarity on your current property issues and know what your next step is, then click on the link below.
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    51. Paul Allen bringing Keller Williams to Ireland


    51. Are we ready for Keller Williams in Ireland?  Fresh from reading The Millionaire Estate Agent by Gary Keller, founder of  Keller Williams, the largest real estate agency in the world, I think we might be! In this episode I'm joined by Paul Allen, Regional Operating Principal with Keller Williams Ireland,  who discusses how software can help the agent keep every vendor viewer and buyer within the agent's eco system for ever.  It's one of the longer episodes and lots of topics are touched on especially the nitty gritty of what would be involved from a cost and logistical point of view for any agent thinking of going it alone under the Keller Williams umbrella.  Thanks for listening!  To book a one hour property coaching call with Breffnie, click here:     To find out more about working with Breffnie as a Buyer’s Agent click here:
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    50. Buying a newly built home with Ronan Mc Kenna of Glenveagh plc


    50. When you're looking for a new home, do you consider buing a new build? If like me, you're someone who may have automatically ruled out buying a new build on the basis that you're just not a new build kind of person, then you definitely don't want to miss this conversation with the charming and thoughtful Ronan Mc Kenna, sales director of Glenveagh PLC. who explains the goal that Glenveagh has of building developments that are deeply connected to and supportive of the existing community.  We go through the whole process from how Glenveagh acquires land, decides what to build and then the whole process from the buyer's point of view.  
  • At Home with Breffnie podcast

    49. House hunting with Anne Tuohy, interior designer


    This week I'm joined by interior designer Anne Tuohy of . I've asked Anne to talk us about how to look at a prospective property using the eyes of an interior designer. Anne shares great tips on orientation (south and west facing to the rear are best), how to add light into a home, light  laminates or large light coloured tiles on floors, glazed internal doors, light reflective paints, big windows etc are some of the ideas you'll take away from our conversation. If you're not sure what your personal style is....Anne suggests starting with the kitchen and then letting the finishing of the rest of the house flow from the kitchen, I had never thought of this as a place to start but think it's a wonderful idea. To book a one hour property coaching call with Breffnie, click here:

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