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Episode 82: Special guest: Emily Katy, Blogger, Author and Advocate

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On today's episode I have the lovely Emily Katy on as my special guest, who you might know from social media as @itsemilykaty.

Emily was previously on episode 51 of the 21andsensory podcast but I shall of course reintroduce her...

Emily is an autistic woman with ADHD and OCD. She is a blogger, author and advocate, and works with neurodivergent children and young people.

Emily is a Trustee for the Autistic Girls Network and Former youth participation council member and Former Public Governor for her NHS Trust. She is also a #NotAloneTalk Host on Twitter. Emily has given talks in many different health settings and written many articles on her own experiences.

So listeners might be thinking - oh Emily Katy is back on your podcast?! But that’s because Emily has some very exciting news - she is now a published book author!

Buy Girl Unmasked here: linktr.ee/girlunmasked

Twitter: twitter.com/ItsEmilyKaty

Instagram: instagram.com/itsemilykaty


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