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Reading is a way for kids to be catalysts for positive change – Episode 17

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In this episode, host Anthony L. Manna talks with Neil Rosen who writes under the pen name of Professor Stork about his mission of writing and delivering books that help children build and nurture self-worth, creativity, compassion, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose.

What is this Podcast about?

The Writers on Writing podcast interviews authors who openly discuss their books, writing journey, goals and accomplishments. It also provides practical tips and motivation for writers at all stages of their writing journey. The diverse number of guest authors will almost certainly provide an educational environment in which all authors will make discoveries about crafting particular genres. Topics discussed on the podcast cover the entire spectrum of writing, self-publishing, indie publishing, marketing, and distribution.

Our goals:

To give authors a platform to showcase their work while providing knowledge, tips, and resources to other authors and writers.


About the HOST:

For the past 50 years, Anthony Manna has taught reading, writing, literacy development, drama and language arts in schools and universities in the United States and around the world. His goal is to help kids and teens discover great books and exciting activities and games that’ll get them reading, writing, and thinking.

His website provides parents and educators with information and guides that support the success of their children, tweens, and, teens as readers and writers and encourages them to enjoy discovering books that will set them on the right path. You can learn about Anthony’s books such as Loukas and the Game of Chance, The Orphan: A Cinderella Story from Greece, Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: A Greek Folktale, and Greek Folktales: A Treasury of Delights by visiting his website.

About our GUEST:

As a children's book author, teacher, parent, and grandparent, Professor Stork believes picture books help change the world for the better. They can make the world a friendlier place by empowering children to make a difference. Leading the charge will be children ages four through eleven.

During these formative years, children are motivated to learn how they can, individually and with friends, empower their sense of purpose. The tools we give them during these years last a lifetime, and when the time is right, they will know how to make a positive difference in the world.

Children's books are a powerful tool to distract children away from screens and off devices, where the influencers and influences they interact with may not be delivering the strongest positive messages, in terms of helping them build a healthy lifestyle. 

Our mission is to provide parents with picture books that deliver messages and entertainment they'll be proud to place in the hands of their children.

  • Our pledge is to provide your child with books that respect his or her intelligence?
  • Books that open important conversations between you and your child?
  • Books that nurture your child’s innate sense and understanding of purpose?
  • Books that build leadership skills?
  • Books that give your child hours of enjoyment rather than minutes?
  • Isn’t it time you joined the Professor Stork revolution?

Find more at https://professorstork.com

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