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Total Gut Balance & Candida w/ Dr. Ghannoum

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You know there's bacteria in your gut, but what about fungi? Keeping a healthy balance of bacteria and fungi will allow your gut, metabolism, hormones, and overall body to function optimally. Our guest, Dr Ghannoum, is the main researcher behind candida (a type of fungi).  He is here to dispel any myths you've heard and give you all the science based facts surrounding candida and other fungi in your gut so you can achieve optimal health. 

3 Key things you'll learn from this episode:
- Why you want candida in your gut
- Best foods and snacks for gut health
- How to achieve total gut balance

About our guest Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum:
To quote washington post, Dr. Ghannoum is now known as the leading microbiome researcher in the world. He has published more than 450 peer reviewed publications, has over 23,000 citations in the scientific literature and has received over 25 million in funding from the NIH or national institutes of health. He is the top 1% of more cited scientists in the world and the top 0.1 percent most cited microbiologist. He is now a tenured professor and director of the integrated microbiome core and center for medical mycology and university hospitals of cleveland medical center.

Find his book: Total Gut Balance
Find his company: Biohm Health 

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