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Detox Methods to Glow From Within

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Katrine Volynsky, author of Staying Alive in A Toxic World, is a sports nutritionist, wellness coach and heavy metals detoxification specialist. After being on her death bed due to radiation poisoning  from Chernobyl, she had to find her own path to health and gained a wide knowledge of natural methods for detoxifying and rebuilding the body. Now, she helps individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, nutrition and holistic healing.

Topics we cover:
- Why sweating is so important
- An easy skin brushing routine 
- Why lymphatic drainage is key
- Best at home saunas for detox 
- Easy breathing techniques for detox
- Why you need to use binders (like charcoal and fiber) so you don't "retox"
- A day in the life of a detox expert   

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